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Robin's Egg and Chick are available just in time for Easter. They compliment one another and would look great together in an Easter shawl. #yarnporn #indieyarn #hewephoria #knittingisfun #yarnlife #crochetlove


  1. solarsunfire

    I'm in love with tjose colours and can't get them as im in hospital!

  2. solarsunfire

    Just wait until I get out!! I see H'ewePhoria and knittraders Kingston in my immanent future!! #hewephoria  #knittradersofkingston 

  3. hewephoria

    @solarsunfire Sorry to hear that you are not well. I have been thinking of you as i had not heard from you in a while. Let me know if you would like me to set something aside for you. I have 2 x 115g skeins of both Chick and Robin's Egg. Hope you are well and home again soon. Happy Easter.

  4. solarsunfire

    One of each colour would be lovely i h8d a stroke. Am now in hospittal doing rehab

  5. hewephoria

    All the best. 🤞For a full recovery. I will set them aside for you. Message me when you are ready to receive them.