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I dyed these sock yarns on the weekend. Each is 100 grams of 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon. I am loving this HewePhoria dye technique. One of these will be headed to @jane_griggs who will work her magic on it. Which will she choose?#knittersofinstagram #socklover #sockknittersofinstagram #hewephoria #indiedyers #colourlove #yarnporn #yarnlover


  1. stylish_seams

    So very beautiful, I love the depth your @hewephoria technique achieves!

  2. jane_griggs

    You tell me!! They are all gorgeous. ... impossible to choose a favourite!

  3. hewephoria

    @jane_griggs Thank you. I really do look forward to seeing your knitted item.

  4. roxswovendreamz

    Whoa that is gonna be a very difficult choice. I would just get all of them. You have really out done yourself #hewephoria  love love love these

  5. stylish_seams

    Favourites! Love the colours!

  6. hewephoria

    @roxswovendreamz Thanks. She did pick two. 😉

  7. hewephoria

    @stylish_seams Thanks. Now to see them knit up ...